Hello World.

I'm Matt Goucher. In March 2016, I left California and moved to Seattle, Washington to start the next path in my career. Presently, I'm a part of the awesome team at Concur.

While I was a senior developer on the Creativedash team, I built and maintained UI8.net, a marketplace for designers to get wireframes and other resources. I had the pleasure of working with Dann Petty to put together the Montues.com, a snowboard infused conference for creatives.

In 2011, I worked for Wonderful Union. Alongside a team of talented people, I built and maintained sites for a handful of major label musicians, and eventually went on to lead the front-end team.


I'm currently focused on all things Javascript. I leverage modern tools like Express, React, Redux, Webpack and MongoDB. This site uses a few of them, and you can view the code on GitHub.